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Here we are for a new checkpoint with our Beta Testers: as promised, the first update to SBK Official Mobile Game’s Closed Beta version was only the beginning in our commitment to gradually improve the core mechanics based on your feedback and requests. As you will see after updating the app on your devices, we have both added new customisation options to make your riding experience more enjoyable, and tuned some critical aspects of gameplay such as physics and artificial intelligence, which tended to generate mixed feelings in the previous builds.


The result of such additions and tuning is a completely revamped bike handling system, complemented with more challenging and realistic A.I.-controlled opponents for any brand of player. As we proceed with the implementation of the final game’s features and modes, while running up to launch, we’ll keep tweaking and balancing every facet of the game, and we’re counting on your continued support for that!


WHAT’S NEW IN v. 1.2:

    • WorldSBK 2021 Dutch Round: TT Assen Circuit
    • Time Attack Mode (ghost riders and record tracking coming soon)


    • Updated Physics:
      • Added rear wheel instability (intensity can be changed in Riding Assists – Traction Control) 
      • Improved brake intensity and general handling 
      • Improved bike weight feeling on leaning 
      • Bike body now tilts according to acceleration 
      • More realistic off-road physics and handling based on surfaces (on a side note: players will slow down faster but will be able to turn better)
      • Tweaked engine RPM simulation 
      • Reworked falling conditions 
      • Improved rider and bike falling dynamics
    • Riding Assists:
      • Added Traction control assist (0 – Off, 1 – Low, 2 – High) 
      • Assisted Braking is more customizable (0 – Off, 1 – Low, 2 – High) 
      • Improved Racing Line shape and colors 
      • Tweaked all existing riding aids 
    • A.I. opponents:
      • Improved starting behaviour 
      • Retrained on all tracks 
      • Better collision avoidance (A.I.s will slow down and try to avoid the player if they get too close)
      • Following a crash with the player, any A.I.s involved will stay behind with them, as they all respawn on the track to resume racing (the player is not left behind alone anymore)
    • Difficulty Levels: 
      • Added 4 difficulty settings affecting the opponents’ performance: Easy, Medium, Hard, Simulative 
      • Simulative difficulty also disables all Riding Assists, requires to play qualification rounds and to run at least 7 laps in any race 
    • Penalty System:
      • Now cutting corners or exploiting off-road lanes triggers a penalty that reduces throttle input for a few seconds 
    • Improved rider animations 
    • Improved UI graphics and flow:
      • Added Garage screen (now only for rider selection, with more features coming soon) 
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Geometry, texture and path fixes on all tracks 
      • Lots of misc bug fixes! 
    • Known Issues:
      • Temporarily removed camera FOV effects (to be reworked) 
      • Crashes and falls to be further improved
      • Bug: If you retire during a qualification and then restart the race from the results screen, the next qualification will be considered invalid and you will always start from the 22nd position


OK, enough chit-chat… let’s get on the track—maybe the newly-added Assen circuit from the 2021 WorldSBK season, now available for you to race upon—for a test ride of the new version, and let’s know what you think about it!


Once again, thank you for riding with us!



If you want to join our pool of kickass beta testers and get your hands on the new SBK Official Mobile Game before release—while also helping us make it a better game—you can still enlist through our online Closed Beta Enrolment form. Before you do, please, check out the minimum hardware requirements and our FAQs for further information on how to install the Closed Beta version and provide feedback to the development team.

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  1. I don’t feel comfortable riding a motorcycle yet, because when I want to take the left position the rear wheel always swings far to the right and vice versa, it will be very difficult when meeting a circuit with many corners and narrow. please fix it like the game sbk 09 psp, so we can easily adjust the position of the motorbike to pass the corner well

    1. Have you tried playing around with the Traction Control assist in the Options menu?
      I have no issues controlling the bike during turns with the Traction Control aid set to Level 2.

      1. yes I have used everything, but can it be fixed when I take the right or left position so that the motorbike is not too wild, if not fixed it will be inconvenient if you meet a narrow circuit and many corners, such as TT Assen, Philip Island, thank you

        1. I’m a motorbike racing game lover, and one more thing, please make a replay feature, thank you very much

          1. Replay is a panic medicine after in-game racing😀😀😀

  2. and that is still less steady for the back wheelbasement position too wide
    to enter my turn, the sense is very disturbing and hope for the final version of there is a change to turn style

    1. nice bro

    2. hey how to download it

      1. You can fond all the answers to your questions in the FAQs section:

  3. I think when the motorcycle enters the back of the motorbike is too high up to .. above it makes it difficult to enter the corner. with elbow’s styles may be better

  4. untuk mengisi waktu luang

  5. Is amazing game a superbike

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