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Hello everyone and welcome to our third Game Features Focus about the new SBK Official Mobile Game! As the title suggests, in today’s post we shall be diving in and taking a look at what control layouts will be available on launch and how they will affect the overall gameplay experience. 


Although the Control tab of the Game Options menu will include 4 basic setups on release, future updates will add more to the mix.




The first two layouts are for the fans of tilting to control steering: by tilting your device clockwise or counter clockwise, you will be able to control the bike’s leaning in-game. The more you tilt, the sharper the turn will be, but watch out for your speed! If you are speeding through the game without taking brakes too seriously, you’ll find yourself struggling to stay on track.

The main differences between the first two control layouts, even though both rely on tilting your device, pertains to having only brakes or both brakes and throttle buttons on screen. 

SBK Official Mobile Game's Control Set #1
(Please, note that this screen is not final and is subject to change)

Taking a look at the first control setup in the game (image above), you can see that the only virtual buttons available on the screen are the brakes. In other words, if you tap anywhere on the screen in-game while using this layout, you will begin braking. Which means that  throttle will be automatic, offering casual players a somewhat simplified riding experience. Auto-acceleration was added by popular demand, so as to grant every gamer an approachable control system.


The second setup presents the same overall layout as the first, but introduces a throttle button on the right side of the screen (image below).

SBK Official Mobile Game's Control Set #2
(Please, note that this screen is not final and is subject to change)

This means that players who choose to use this layout will have full control on the throttle and brakes, while steering by tilting the device. The left side of the screen will be solely dedicated to braking, while the right side will be for accelerating. 




As you may have noticed, below both control sets there is a sensitivity bar: if you find yourself turning too much or too little, visiting this screen and adjusting this cursor will change how responsive tilting your device will be. If you find yourself turning too much with little movement, reducing the sensitivity will help. Likewise, if you find yourself turning too little, go ahead and adjust the cursor to your preference. Note: the sensitivity bar is only available for Control Sets 1 & 2, which support tilting for steering. 




Moving onto the last two layouts, these are for racing fans out there who prefer to manually control how intense their turns are. They allow players to control their bikes with higher precision

SBK Official Mobile Game's Control Set #3
(Please, note that this screen is not final and is subject to change)

Control Set 3 includes a slider for steering (image above), and the right side of the screen is only used for braking. Similar to the first control layout, the throttle will be automatic.


The left side of the screen will be solely used for the slider controlling the bike’s direction. Moving the slider to the left will turn the bike left. Viceversa, moving the slider to the right, will turn the bike right. One thing to keep in mind is that, the more you move the slider right or left, the more intense the turn will be, so watch out and keep an eye on your speed! 


The last control layout available on launch will include a steering slider bar on the left, and two virtual buttons for brakes and throttle on the right side of the screen (image below). With this setup, players will be able to manually control not only their brakes, but also the throttle while riding.

SBK Official Mobile Game's Control Set #4
(Please, note that this screen is not final and is subject to change)



On top of providing a solid selection of control options, we want to give players the freedom to really customise the game based on their racing style and experience: besides picking your preferred control layout, you will be able to decide just how realistic you want the game to feel and experiment with a wider range of riding aids, heavily affecting the overall gameplay experience. For example, even if you use Control Set 1 in which the only available button to press controls the brakes, you can turn off ‘Assisted Braking’ to increase the difficulty of the game. 


This opens up new possibilities and gives players full control on their gameplay experience: whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore racing veteran, testing out all the layouts and riding assists available in the new SBK Official Mobile Game will help you find the best setup for your personal style


If you missed our past Game Features Focus posts, check out ‘The 2020 Superbike World Championship at your Fingertips’ and ‘A quick look into the single-player modes available on launch’ to catch up! If you want to know more and stay up to date with our game, please make sure to follow us on our social media accounts and stick around for more news and details coming soon!


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