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Dev Update

We know we have been silent for a couple of months now, and many of you have already reached out to ask what our progress is with the new SBK Official Mobile Game and if it is still going to be released soon. So we owe you an update, and we thought that the 2021 FIM World Superbike Championship opening at Aragón, today, would be the perfect time for that.


Just so you also know, there has been a lot going on at our studio since we launched the first update to the Closed Beta version of the game and continued gathering feedback on the core gameplay and improving on it. So here is the latest news! 




Multiple iterations of the core mechanics and their progressive fine-tuning are a staple of game development, and we actually hammered down the physics and bike handling until we were all happy with them, which took a while. Likewise, following the beta testers’ controversial feedback on the opponents’ behavior and difficulty level, we pumped up and re-trained the A.I. riders, introducing difficulty settings (Easy, Medium, Hard and Simulative), so as to offer a fair amount of challenge to a wider range of players—from casual to harcore.


As many testers also asked for higher graphic detail, we improved the circuits’ and bikes’ 3D models. All the improvements above were implemented while additional game modes and features were gradually being added to the core gameplay in order to turn it into a full game, so they inevitably slowed our progress down. Yet nailing the physics and handling was our top priority—and the #1 reason why we involved gamers in a Closed Beta program in the first place. 


We are confident you are going to appreciate the team’s efforts too, when you see how much the overall playing experience has benefited from such additions and uncompromising fine-tuning—now the AI-driven riders can follow multiple trajectories and overtake one another in a more realistic fashion, while avoiding collisions; the bike’s handling feels more natural and enjoyable, with responsive controls, improved riding aids and some nice little touches like the rear losing grip on tight turns, all contributing to a higher fun factor. Which brings us to the next steps…




We are happy to inform you that the Closed Beta version will be updated soon for your review and feedback. Aside from that, we confess there is something else cooking here, which may positively affect our future plans and which may be announced shortly. Although everything we shared in our latest development update still holds true, the launch of the game will likely be pushed forward to the end of Q3 2021.


In the meantime, we invite you to follow us for more news on the development of the new SBK Official Mobile Game, and we promise you are going to hear from us very, very soon!



  1. Muhammad Rizky Azhim Indonesia

    Hai developer, bisakah saya bertanya, kira kira bulan berapa game nya rilis karena saya sudah tidak sabar untuk memainkan game nya

    1. Hai Muhammad, kami senang Anda menantikan untuk memainkan Game seluler Resmi SBK yang baru, tetapi saat ini kami tidak dapat memberikan tanggal rilis, jadi terus ikuti kami untuk mengetahui lebih banyak ketika waktunya tiba!

  2. Where do I find the official game please

    1. That depends on the game and the platform you’re referring to.

      You can find SBK16 Official Mobile Game here:
      And register to the new SBK Official Mobile Game Closed Beta program here:

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