The 2016 Superbike World Championship is offering top-level races to the fans of the Superbike series. To celebrate this exciting motorsport, Italian developer Digital Tales has released the latest edition of its SBK Official Mobile Game, packed with new features and now totally free to play.


Milan, 21 July 2016 – Digital Tales is bringing you SBK16 Official Mobile Game, the official game of the 2016 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship for smartphones and tablets.

SBK16 is totally free to play through the rest of the championship. After downloading the game, players will be able to immediately access all the content – that is all the bikes and tracks featured in the current season, including the new Yamaha YZF R1 and the German circuit of Lausitz.

Thanks to the experience acquired in the racing genre and the feedback collected from real SBK riders and fans of the series, Digital Tales have improved the game’s physics and bike handling. Racing on circuits will feel more realistic with features such as increased responsiveness causing players to skid or oversteer when the rear wheel loses grip.

SBK16 Official Mobile Game also includes some highly requested features: among others, there is now brand new support for mobile game controllers due to high demand from core gamers. There is also a new cockpit view that allows players to take the rider’s seat in this action-packed racing experience.

The most notable addition is Test Ride mode, offering gamers a chance to measure their riding skills through a series of trials to unlock premium features and an ad-free gaming experience.

SBK16 Official Mobile Game features all the riders, bikes and circuits of the 2016 Motul FIM Superbike World Championship.



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Founded in 2006 and based in Milan, with offices in Rome and Miami, Digital Tales develops games, e-Learning solutions and anything in between, including edutainment, gamified training courses and VR/AR applications. Its racing and action-adventure games are based on a proprietary cross-platform C++ framework and/or third-party engines. The studio has collaborated with established developers and publishers on console, mobile, PC and browser games, but has also self-funded and self-published a few mobile games which topped iOS, Android and Windows Phone charts worldwide, while totaling over 50M downloads cross-platform and garnering 2 Italian Video Game Awards (Best Italian Indie Game, Best Tech).

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  1. pls can the game be played offline on windowsphone

    1. I’m afraid you need a network connection for some game features.

  2. Kevin Wijaya

    Knp waktu iklan pasti keluar?Tolong balasannya!

    1. Sorry, we don’t speak Indonesian!

  3. Ana abdel is de best in alle klassa Bike

  4. for digitaltales please add the speedometer indicator, replay and add folders balapan.thanks

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback on the game!

      We value the opinion of our players and we’ll keep your suggestions into consideration for future updates.

  5. In the description i says dynic lighting effects and shadow. But why? My sbk16 not increase my lighting qnd shadow.i cant see some lights effects and shadow?

    1. Hi Ronnie, honestly we couldn’t tell why you don’t see any dynamic lighting effects. What device are you playing with?

      1. Im using myphone 81dtv. Android 5.1 lolipop

        1. Based on your device specs, you should be able to experience dynamic lighting effects but we don’t have your device in house for testing, so we are unable to check. Sorry for that!

  6. Miftah bonenk

    Hi Digitaltalles I hope you read my coment and reply my coment. This game in terms of graphics is so good ,really . but there are still some errors that exist in this game is a flag problem. When I want to overlap there is no blue flag, when I collect no yellow and green flags and other flags … when the crash was The effect of a crash does not happen a streak … and the most often really make me angry when I try play at hard level, the com turn in the hard corner their’s very cheat …. if I copy their’s riding style i will get out of the track …. please if the turn com must be fair as the realistic, for the example you can try watch at the last corner in circuit tt assen,jeres ,sepang and any double corner. Especially in Laguna seca … The com isn’t play fair ….. Please remove that errors in the game in SBK 16 ……. One’s again from me…. If I play at medium level is so easy .i just 4 laps to overlap com and 8 laps I can overlaps all rider

    Coment from magelang city Indonesian player

    1. Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions, Miftah!
      We’ll keep them into consideration for our future games.
      We’re aware of some of the issues you report and we’ll work to improve the gameplay as much as possible.

  7. I’m a fan’s, ,,,,,I love you game,, please update Ducati challenge game,,, with new motorcycle all Ducati brand and new motorcycle or old motorcycle, ,, and graphics,, tracks,, or anything look to look like fanatics game,,,, I’m just telling

    1. Hi Mohd,
      Thank you for your support!
      We’re not planning any updates to Ducati Challenge in the near future but we hope we’ll be able to renew our license agreement with Ducati and release a new game soon. Keep following us for further news!

      1. I would buy an updated version of Ducati HD on the day of release. Please keep working on an agreement with Ducati..

        1. Thank you, Steve! We’ll do our best to secure new licenses for our future games.

  8. Hi,

    I’ve already Played SBK15. It was really insane! The gameplay, tracks, graphics, almost everything is so realistic. I love most the turning on the track while racing!

    Overall, SBK15 is the best Bike racing game I’ve played ever. But, now it’s SBK16 that means more fun and enjoyment! Going to try SBK15!

    Great work! Keep it Up, Guys!

    1. Thank you very much for the positive feedback on SBK Official Mobile Game 🙂

  9. I really love this game.1 thing i want 2 say that when i saw world topper list of many track. I think the 1st track cant completed in 40 second bt i saw there was 1st time record was 40sec. And second is 1 min 19 sec was there. How csn b that possible. I played 1st track of sbk 16 i do my best n that time is my 1:19:77 then how can it possible to complete in 40 sec . Please tell me the fact. I think there was any cheat

    1. Thank you for reporting this issue!
      We’re painfully aware of some cheat times in the leaderboards and/or Challenges. We’ll verify the current registered times and remove any one that doesn’t seem believable based on the track’s stats.
      Unfortunately it is pretty difficult to prevent cheating from users in mobile games but we’ll do our best to keep an eye out for that.

  10. Frank BOGUI

    How is it that you didn’t fix that Drastic and Boring Slow motion when player is riding on grass or gravel, while opponents easily speed through? SBK15 was so OK about that! 2nd issue is my position after a crash: SO FAR BEHIND the one with whom I bumped, and all the opponents are so far ahead (UNFAIR)! It doesn’t make any sense if you ask for reviews and you don’t even care when we give some. My first review was written on July 2019. I still love this game but I feel frustrated when you don’t give damn to us with no updates…

    1. We’re sorry, Frank. As a matter of fact, we’re not updating our old SBK Official Mobile Games anymore, because we’re now working on an all-new edition, where most major gameplay and performance issues reported by gamers will hopefully be fixed and new highly-requested features will be implemented. Please, bear with us as we develop a better experience for you and keep following us on Social Media to be up to date with our work in progress.

  11. Wet race please

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